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Good bye 2009.... welcome 2010... here's hoping the world doesn't end in two years! *grin*

For those who might be wondering, my 2009 total word count was 278,792.  It ranged from short 100 word drabbles to the 'epic from hell' which finally totalled 121,507 words.  Since that word count is only for about five months, here's hoping I can double it by the end of the year... but no one quote me on that eh?

And now, to quote Huey Lewis & the News... Back to the Old Grind!
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Yes, friends and neighbors, it's that time of year again.  I have once again committed to the insanity that is NaNoWriMo.  And thanks to the DH I even have a theme song... I am so not amused, but I'll survive.

New Motto:  50K or Bust!!!!
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 Finished a couple more stories for my Torchwood AU fan fiction series.  The stories are posted on my website.  I added it up and since I started writing this series, I have written 145,840 words.  That's a total of 11 stories since mid-June.  I do believe I'm back!

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Yes, I'm still breathing despite appearances to the contrary.  I've been writing like a mad fiend on my Torchwood AU.  There's been a few updates on my website related to this AU.  I'm just happy to be writing again.   I've signed up for the annual insanity that is NaNoWriMo.  Considering how many words I've been whipping out so far this year, I should have no problem winning this years event!
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Finished another fan story today.  Well, last night to be precise.  It came in at 23,485.  It was a right royal bitch to write, but I have slogged through it to the end.  Thank the PTBs it's over... now to plot the next story!

I'm working on an update to my website to include the newest stories on an easy to read layout.  I'll post when I've got that up.
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Last night I finished by longest story yet in my Torchwood AU.  The story came in at 34,555 words and took 22 days to write.  It also includes my first graphic (as in I use four letter words and get into details) male/male sex scene.  It is however going to take me a bit to format it for upload to my website.  It's a very long file.  I'll probably have to break it into sections to make it easier for people to read there.  Now, now I hit the anti-Gwen story while trying to explore all the little twists and turns the boys threw at me in the most recent story.

Life as a writer is never dull that's for certain.
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Doesn't that sound like a bad b-movie title?

Anyway, I got hit with a plot bunny today while nursing along my dying keyboard. I hate waiting on things, in this case new batteries for the wireless keyboard, but got whammied with a plot bunny for the [community profile] kink_bigbang.  It's not in anyway connected to any of the stories I did before, not even the on-going Torchwood AU I have going on my other LJ.  Oh no, this is a completely independent kinky D/s story that begins post-Countrycide and goes on from there.  I just have to decide if it's an AU or not... and how many kinks of what kind are included in the tale.  Though I know one thing that has to stay in it... the all too infamous stopwatch!

I'm going to go beat myself up now.  Too many ideas, not enough time!
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Well, my fan fiction series is cruising along at speeds to rival Cardiff residents running away from weevils or, for you non-Torchwood fans, as fast as a gazelle attempting to escape a cheetah. Either way you call it, my brain is in write mode and it won't shut up for love, money or sleep even! I guess that's a good thing.

I signed up for the [ profile] tw_bigbang using one of my series stories as the entry. I should be ready for the longest one by the time the rough draft is due in, but we shall see. That's a 15k story with a draft due date of 28 September. I think I can manage that as the current story in the series is 26k and counting. Go me!

I'm debating writing a story for the [community profile] kink_bigbang. That one is 12k and due by 15 September.  I just can't decide what to do for it or if I even want to attempt it.  So that's up in the air.  I've always wanted to write a proper dark and kinky story, just never really had incentive to do so. Wonder if I have to bribe myself to work on that one.  I'll think on it.

Look at it this way though, if this keeps up, no worries on getting NaNoWriMo done this year!


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