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 Finished a couple more stories for my Torchwood AU fan fiction series.  The stories are posted on my website.  I added it up and since I started writing this series, I have written 145,840 words.  That's a total of 11 stories since mid-June.  I do believe I'm back!

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Finished another fan story today.  Well, last night to be precise.  It came in at 23,485.  It was a right royal bitch to write, but I have slogged through it to the end.  Thank the PTBs it's over... now to plot the next story!

I'm working on an update to my website to include the newest stories on an easy to read layout.  I'll post when I've got that up.
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There are two new stories on my website:

  • We Need a Miracle
    This is the crossover fix-it story for Torchwood's third season. Major spoilers for Children of Earth Day Four.
  • Remember Me
    It's one thousand years later. This is my in-line with season three epilogue.
Hope you like'em.

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While on my self imposed vacation, I thought carefully about my domain name and what I should host there.  After a good three months, I finally decided to make the domain my internet library.  It's now my personal archive of anything and everything I write be it fan fiction or original fiction.  If I do get professionally published again, I will likely do so under a pseudonym for which I can purchase its own domain name.  If you wish to visit, the site is linked at the top of the page and here:  Scriptoria Mea.


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